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September, 2014

Rising Bad Debt: Businesses Urged to Review Risk Management Procedures

19 September 2014

The South African financial service industry’s reputation took a knock recently as a result of events such as African Bank being placed under curatorship after experiencing high levels of bad debts, as well as the downgrade of four of the largest banks by Moody’s. While risk management practices may have been in place within these businesses, these incidents highlight that even the

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Know Your Gas Installation Regulations

10 September 2014

By now it is obvious that electricity prices are never going to decrease to what we have been used to for the last 20 years. Failure by various organisations to actively manage the performance of the grid and to accurately predict the future pressure on its output has lead to staggering increases. This has lead to an upward trend in using liquid

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How Safe are Your Tyres?

9 September 2014

In so many cases we see vehicles with tyres that have low tread depth or no depth at all. In terms of vehicle safely, the brakes and tyres are the two most important items to keep an eye on.  Worn tyres reduce the performance of your car and low tread depths decrease the effectiveness of braking, steering, and even accelerating – all

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Hail Storms and Catastrophe Insurance

8 September 2014

Gauteng has seen three major hail storms in the last two years that has cost the insurance industry in the region of about R 2.5 billion! Although this may seem like a staggering amount, South Africa has something called catastrophe reinsurance. Effectively this is insurance for insurance companies. In fact South Africa has a catastrophe model of up to R30.8 billion in

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Keeping an Eye on Your Electric Fence

7 September 2014

They may be ugly, but in many cases they are necessary. None of us really like to think about it, but just like any appliance our electric fences also need maintenance. We were recently notified of an incident where a client’s electric fence had been cut a day or two prior to an armed robbery. At the time it just seemed like

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Crashboxx: New Accident Awareness Technology to be Available in SA

6 September 2014

A South African company, Resource Tracking, is working on a new vehicle system that alerts emergency services within seconds of an accident, determining the level of response required and the damage to the vehicle. The analytics technology is based on similar software used to simulate motor vehicle crash tests, is being adapted for South African conditions. “This is a great step in

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