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November, 2014

Are Vain Men Causing too many Accidents?

30 November 2014

A recent article in a popular English newspaper, reported on a study which shows appearance-obsessed men in Britain caused an estimated 2.2 million car accidents over a 12 month period. It makes one wonder how many similar crashes happen in South Africa? Some of the causes of the accidents were attributed to ‘gelling’ ones hair, inspecting complexion, pouting and posing, checking their teeth, applying

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7 Tips To Help Against Car Theft

29 November 2014

It has to be one of the worst moments of anybody’s life; coming out to a shopping centre parking lot only to find your car not where you left it. Police reports indicate 56 870 cases of motor vehicle and motorcycle theft were reported between April 2013 and March 2014 – including no less than 27 470 in Gauteng, 9 511 in

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Important Comparisons When Buying Property As An Investment

28 November 2014

Many South Africans consider buying property to rent as an investment. RBS has noticed this trend and introduced a new product called – Rent Shield. Rent Shield is a property-letting tool that alleviates the need for a tenant’s deposit and protects the landlord far more than a traditional deposit would. The product takes care of all the effort that comes with renting residential

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Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Insure Your Marine Cargo

27 November 2014

More than 190 maritime incidents were reported in the six months from January to June 2014, ranging from the grounding of cargo ships, collisions at sea and in port, engine failure through to suspected piracy – with the crew, ships and cargo reported missing for months on end. These perils represented significant financial losses to cargo owners without the requisite marine insurance to protect their financial interests in their cargo,

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When Climate Change and the Insurance Industry Collide

26 November 2014

Insurance claims and pay-outs soar as climate change wreaks havoc in the form of devastating storms. As the effects of climate change are becoming self-evident, the impact on our local insurance industry is significant. In March of this year, a series of hailstorms in the late summer saw massive hailstones hammering down on people’s cars and homes. During this time, insurers received

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Keeping Safe Over This Festive Season

25 November 2014

Our job as your insurance broker is to help you wherever possible. We know that the December / January period is a time of the year that you look forward to most. So, we have put together a few pointers on how to make sure your holiday is filled with fun and not with claim forms.   Home Pack valuable items away so passers-by

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Rapid Urban Development Increasing Risk of Accidents

21 November 2014

Following the recent introduction of the Construction Regulations 2014, emphasis on risk management is once again in the spotlight in South Africa following a tragic accident near Upington in the Western Cape in November which saw a 198 meter crane collapse. According to George Davis, Head: Construction and Engineering at Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), accidents on construction sites, in particular involving cranes and

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Managing Strike-related Risk in SA

6 November 2014

The on-going riots and labour disruptions in the platinum industry is causing South African businesses to continually feel the impacts of strikes, which is damaging economic growth, and in turn negatively impacting local businesses within the mining sector, as well as those inadvertently involved. According to Annelie Smith, Corporate Executive at Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), the risks related to strikes and riots –

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RBS Appoints Construction and Engineering Head

4 November 2014

Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS) has announced the appointment of George Davis as the company’s new head of construction and engineering. In his new position, Davis will be responsible for the divisional strategy and growth of the division, the development of products and wordings, and the management of facilities with the various insurers.

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