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December, 2014

Businesses Need to Prepare for Load Shedding Risks: Expert

17 December 2014

As businesses scramble to work around Eskom’s sporadic enforcement of load shedding, a risk expert has warned that the country’s ongoing electricity crisis may have a detrimental effect on businesses that have not implemented any form of risk management strategy. The warning comes amidst suggestions that even if the power grid is managed appropriately and South Africans are sparing in their use

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Risk Management Key to Protecting Business’ Financially in Wake of Eskom Crisis

12 December 2014

The recent bout of nationwide power outages has once again highlighted the need for South African business owners to not only reconsider South Africa’s electricity supply, but also to safeguard their businesses financially by implementing comprehensive risk management procedures while load shedding is in effect for the foreseeable future. This is according to George Davis, Head: Construction and Engineering at Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS),

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Outages May Result in a Number of Lawsuits

10 December 2014

THE RECENT bout of nationwide power outages has again highlighted the need to reconsider South Africa’s electricity supply and, at the same time, seek a viable solution for the industries which suffer as a result of these interruptions. The roll-out of load shedding has already resulted in an outcry from various industries after Eskom at the end of November declared a power emergency

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