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January, 2015

The Right Insurance Cover Could Save Your Business

30 January 2015

There is a lot that SME owners need to consider when deciding on the right insurance coverage for their business. It can be a challenge to have to determine your business’ level of risk, insurance needs, as well as contend with the costs. However, it’s essential that SMEs are correctly covered as the risks involved with not being properly insured can be dire, says Annelie Smith. Smith is a

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Safeguarding Against Crime this Festive Season

2 January 2015

The festive season is a time of the year that many South Africans look forward to the most. Unfortunately, it is also a period that is associated with an increase in criminal activity. Annelie Smith, Corporate Executive at Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), says that criminals follow opportunities, and the December and January holiday period provides numerous ‘opportunities’ given consumer spending is at

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Know your Gas Installation Regulations

1 January 2015

The South African power grid is severely strained and is impacting both consumers and industry. Apart from Eskom rolling out regular load shedding in order to manage the power grid, electricity prices continue to rise and it is unlikely that they will decrease to what the country has been used to for the past 20 years. George Davis, Head: Construction and Engineering

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