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April, 2015

RBS acquires AC Chrysanthou & Associates

29 April 2015

RBS today has a staff complement of 130 and is regarded as one of the largest fully fledged financial services advisory firms in Southern Africa after growing its market position through a combination of targeted strategic acquisitions and a focus on driving organic growth. The growth in the South African insurance industry has been stagnant over the last four years, and that

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SA Businesses Guard Against Liability Risks

28 April 2015

The new Companies Act has resulted in decision makers having their every action closely scrutinised, and directors – both within the corporate and small and medium enterprise (SME) environment – are increasingly being held personally liable for the consequences of negligent decisions. According to Gillian Wolman, Head of Litigation at Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), one of South Africa’s independent insurance and risk

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Bike Sensors in Cars

9 April 2015

It’s no secret that the amount of bicycles on the road today is increasing. Cycling is one of South Africa’s fastest growing sports and the rise in travel costs has further contributed to people using bicycles to get around. There have been a number of safely initiatives to help curb the amount of cycling/ vehicle related accidents over the last few years,

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Things to Look for When Purchasing a Car

8 April 2015

There are so many things to think about when it comes to buying a car and most often it’s the financing that gets the most attention. Beyond the finance though, its very important to actively research the car you are buying or else you might find yourself with a vehicle you don’t want, or worse – can’t sell. Have a brief look

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New Cyber Law Forces Firms to Ward off Attacks

7 April 2015

The looming Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) forces South African businesses to realise the importance of not only compliance to the Act, but financial cover should they fall victim to a cyber attack. Non-compliance to the act could have disastrous consequences to your business. Fines in the region of R10-million or 10 years in prison are a very real possibility. The

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Fires on the Increase in the Western Cape

6 April 2015

It’s been heart breaking to see the mountain in the South Peninsula Municipality, in Cape Town, burn so badly. More than 3000 acres of fynbos were burnt during the nearly weeklong fire. December to April is fire season in the Western Cape and according to Working on Fire (WoF), by January this year, it was already the worst fire season recorded in

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Dashcams Catching Everything from Disasters to Scammers

5 April 2015

Dashcams or dashboard cameras are becoming more and more common. The drop in prices of cameras in general and the undeniable benefits of having them in your vehicle, has contributed to their growing trend. Recently, a dashcam caught the horrific footage of the TransAsia flight, clipping a bridge and crashing into a river, in Taiwan. The footage gave the investigative crew vital

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Top Tips for Businesses to Ensure Business Continuity During Power Outages

4 April 2015

The sudden shift between the different load shedding stages is making it difficult for businesses to plan ahead and ultimately affecting their productivity. This has highlighted the need for businesses to ensure effective business continuity plans are in place to minimise the negative affects of load shedding. Below is a list of points to consider, helping to manage this process: Monitor and

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