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Birthday SMS – Terms and Conditions

Vehicle accidents occur at any time, and Murphy is always looking for a victim. If, on the day of your birthday, you happen to be involved in an accident, RBS will cover your excess payment. And just in case you forget, we will send you a gentle reminder about this offer in the form of an SMS, on the day of your birthday.

Terms and Conditions

1. The driver must be the main/regular driver of the insured vehicle
2. The accident must have occurred between 00h00 and 23h59 on the day of the main/regular drivers birthday
3. The claim must be a valid claim in terms of your short term insurance policy
4. Our offer to pay your basic excess only applies to motor vehicle accidents
5. The main/regular driver must be a current RBS client with an active policy
6. RBS  reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time after giving 30 days’ notice

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