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A fresh approach to corporate insurance

Corporate insurance has moved beyond just processing and systems. It’s entered into a new arena of vast possibilities and different approaches and strategies. In other words, innovative solutions that free senior executives to concentrate on growing their core business instead of worrying about their cover.

At RBS we believe that your business is our business and your challenges are our challenges. We have access to wide range of specialists ranging from litigations risks, engineering and marine to offer you a complete insurance solution.By partnering with you, we’re able to take a fresh look at enterprise risk management strategies and behaviours. Through innovative thinking and involving our specialist teams both locally and globally, we will provide cost effective solutions that are clear and easy to implement.

As the main stakeholder in your business, your main goal is to satisfy your clients and deliver on your promises. And to do this your company needs to be able to operate effectively each and every day. We understand that uncontrollable risks can have a major impact on your business both physically as well as financially, which is why we will work together with you to move away from pure transactional insurance to innovative, transparent and manageable insurance solutions.

Insurance should only be bought as long as the marginal cost of buying insurance is lower than the marginal cost of retaining the risk. The maximum amount of risk retained by you should never exceed the value of the loss that you can handle profitably.




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