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Client Compliments

Got something good to say? We really do appreciate your positive feedback. It’s important for us to know that we’re doing a good job on a daily basis for our treasured clients.

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Client Testimonial 1

Consultant: Deidre Abrahams
Client: Julia Stockdale

Thanks Deidre, R169500 received in my account 10/04/13.

Apart from the time delay caused by the forensic consultant, Suzanne, POSTING the keys and de-registration document to you during a postal strike my claim was settled very efficiently. Well done.

Julia Stockdale

Client Testimonial 2

Consultant: Zaahid Appoles
Client: Pam Chiyanika

Good day,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the speedy, courteous and knowledgeable service I have received from Zaahid.
When one goes through an accident, other than the shock in itself, worry settles in, in anticipation of the process of how to go about with a claim. In this case my first time.
From the moment I spoke to Zaahid after the accident was reported, he has been very helpful, beyond the call of duty. He explained to me with each and every step, what was required of me, who was to further contact me, details of what needed to be done in each step of the process.
After that he would follow up with a call to ensure that all obligations by 3rd parties were met as well as if I were happy with the service received.
He is always pleasant, most importantly he listens very carefully. A rare customer service oriented trait that most agents lack.
Now for someone that had to hear a stereotype view of Insurance agents, as that of being a negative one, I can safely say Zaahid is a treasure and an asset to your organisation.
I am truly grateful for his assistance!

Client Testimonial 3

Consultant: Steven Jacobs
Client: Ralf Dillmann

Hi Steven,
I will have the helmet at work from tomorrow onwards.
The physical address is Distell Greenpark 120 Bofors Circle, Epping 2.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent handling of my case and the speedy action…
It is nice to know that in this day and age one can still receive a great service.
If I have any (hopefully not )future claims I would want to insist that you will handle this for me…
Many thanks again..
With kind regards

Client Testimonial 4

Consultant: Shirene Williams
Client: Marcus Peil

Hi Shirene,
Thank you for assisting me so quickly and efficiently with regards to my vehicle accident. I appreciated the awesome approach and ease of this claim. Thanks also for arranging my vehicle to be taken in before I travel.
Attached please find the documents requested. I am unsure of the other persons details as he was a driver and the owner of the company was unavailable.
I will be dropping my vehicle off at Dells tomorrow morning(Wednesday) and would appreciate it if it can be seen to in my absence. I return on 16 September, so it would be great to have it fixed by then, or would need a rental vehicle as per our policy.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Client Testimonial 5

Consultant: Sjaan WIlkinson
Client: Georgia Court

Hi There

Thank you very much for your help with my motor claim where my vehicle was written off. I also want to thank the road side assist team, they were so helpful and organised everything for me so quickly. It feels great to know you are taken care of when something like this happens.

Warm regards,