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Over the years, RBS has strategically developed an integrated organisational structure that is made up of independent specialist divisions. And while each unit offers the market a bespoke collection of products and expertise, they also work together as a group to deliver holistic insurance solutions. It’s a dynamic approach that has the agility to adapt to an ever-changing market.

Specialist Insurance

Our Specialist insurance division is dedicated to making sure that your non-standard needs such as travel insurance, cover for antiquities, art and collectables are taken care of. This means that collectively RBS can offer you a comprehensive insurance solution, all under one roof.

Over and above providing comprehensive cover across home and motor, commercial and corporate markets, RBS is also home to a highly specialised division whose sole focus is to protect non-standard possessions such as travel, art, antiques and collectibles insurance.

Aside from often being a visa legal requirement, travel insurance could just be the difference between a safe passage home – or not coming back at all. Which is why we have a select group of travel insurance products that have been approved by the AA, Travel Start and

As for antiques, art and collectables, we appreciate that the Pierneef that’s been in your family for generations, or the 19th century Steinway grand piano which your children learnt to play on, are irreplaceable. But we can offer you the assurance that in case of a loss, your claim is in the best hands possible.