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Over the years, RBS has strategically developed an integrated organisational structure that is made up of independent specialist divisions. And while each unit offers the market a bespoke collection of products and expertise, they also work together as a group to deliver holistic insurance solutions. It’s a dynamic approach that has the agility to adapt to an ever-changing market.

Personal Divisions

Home & Motor Insurance

RBS For You has been specifically developed for you – the individual – in mind. It’s straight forward, affordable and offers a full range of products and services that cater for car, home and household contents insurance. The even better part? You can count on us for quick, reliable and expert advice – night and day.

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High Net Worth Insurance

You have earned your success. Just as you’ve earned the right to feel confident that your assets, valuables and collectables are protected accordingly. If you’re over 30 and have combined assets in excess of R4m, talk to us about RBS For Executives. It’s a customised solution with benefits that work as hard as you do.

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Pleasure Craft Insurance

Our marine specialists understand how it feels to have salt in one’s veins. And it’s this passion, coupled with our portfolio of products that cater for all classes of vessels, that puts our comprehensive marine insurance in a league of its own. Let’s talk about structuring a solution for your sailing dreams and needs.

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Health & Wealth Insurance

At RBS our highly experienced Health and Wealth teams have the vital expertise required to guide you through the increasingly complex sectors of both healthcare and wealth management in South Africa. We take great pride in designing and implementing a solution that looks after your specific private or corporate needs.

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Specialist Insurance

Our Specialist insurance division is dedicated to making sure that your non-standard needs such as travel insurance, cover for antiquities, art and collectables are taken care of. This means that collectively RBS can offer you a comprehensive insurance solution, all under one roof.

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Business Divisions

Marine Insurance

At RBS Marine, we specialise in providing well-structured marine insurance solutions that take your exact circumstances and needs into consideration. We provide cover for imports, exports, inland transit, stock throughput, commercial hull, marine liability and all classes of luxury yachts and small craft. And

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Commercial Insurance

With over 20 years worth of weight behind our name, we harness our power as a true broker to provide you with access to every insurer and underwriting manager possible, both locally and abroad. Our RBS commercial brokers then draw on their skills to create a customised commercial insurance solution that works for you.

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Corporate Insurance

When it comes to corporate insurance, RBS takes an entrepreneurial approach. We believe that our clients deserve a partner who is willing to take a fresh look at the business of risk management. Which is why we challenge the status quo so that we can create new possibilities and deliver truly innovative solutions.

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Litigation Risks Insurance

This highly specialist division focuses on managing and transferring the risks of litigation. Our professional team will identify – and reduce – your company’s risk exposure and create insurance-based solutions that will give you greater control over the costs that can arise from any unexpected adverse events.

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Engineering Insurance

Our goal is to protect you, which is why we have some of the finest engineering and construction related products available. Our close supplier relationships give us insight into the unique risks associated with a structural environment – while our insurance expertise mean we deliver hardworking specialist solutions.

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