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Ensure your travel insurance is in order

23 June 2016

In some instances, medical treatment can be withheld by a foreign country if a person has no proof of funds or travel insurance, according to the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation. In light of this, travellers should carefully review their travel insurance to ensure that they are adequately covered should an unexpected injury or event take place abroad. This

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Weighing up the option of an electric car

16 May 2016

Well-known entrepreneur, Elon Musk, last month announced the launch of Tesla Model 3, a mass-market electric car. While the car will initially be released in the United States, South Africa has been listed as one of the countries where Tesla Model 3 will be released, with the expected arrival date to be 2018. According to Sean Pretorius, COO at Risk Benefits Solutions

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Cricket School of Excellence

Cricket School of Excellence – Township Cricket

10 March 2016

RBS Insurance sponsors the Cricket School of Excellence, a wonderful innitiative that started in 1999 by Ryan Maron and has grown from strength to strength. It’s mission is simple: to develop cricketing superstars in a fun environment through cutting edge technical and behavioural training. Have a look at the latest coaching clinic held in Kayalitsha, Cape Town. #HitPovertyforaSix For more information on

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IT Web

Decision Inc. transforms data analytics for Risk Benefit Solutions

8 March 2016

Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), one of the leading financial services advisory firms in southern Africa, has rolled out a QlikView-based analytics solution with partner Decision Inc.

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Insurance for High-net-worth Individuals

18 January 2016

Johannesburg – The South African insurance industry has witnessed an increasing number of high-net worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking more personalised services and risk management procedures, according to Michael Petersen, CEO of Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS). The New World Wealth Africa Report 2015 revealed that the number of dollar millionaires in South Africa approached 50 000 over the past year, and it is estimated

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Protection Against Theft During the Holiday Season

Protection against theft during the holiday season – YouTube It is once again that time of year when families and businesses have started packing up for holidays or closing for the festive season. As families and businesses start to vacate their homes and premises over the festive season there is often a spike in criminal activities, particularly burglaries, as criminals capitalise on

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Keeping Safe over this Festive Season

20 December 2015

It’s an exciting time of year filled with family time and holiday travel. We have put together a list of considerations to take into account when leaving your home and precious valuables for longer than usual. Home Pack valuable items away so that it won’t be visible to passers-by from the street. Make sure you’re insured correctly. If you are insured already,

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The Implications of being Uninsured: Three Things Scarier than an Insurance Premium

19 December 2015

As much as we all enjoy December holidays, the period sees an increase in both crime and vehicle accidents. Insurance is one of the first expenses that get trimmed in a sluggish economy, which is actually counterproductive. Here we look at a few situations that will leave you feeling grateful for having insurance. Here are three things that are scarier than your

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Increased Vigilance Vital for SA this Festive Season

18 December 2015

As the year draws to a close, shopping malls begin to experience a significant rise in foot traffic as many South Africans and international tourists rush to complete their Christmas shopping. These heightened buying trends, aided by annual bonuses traditionally being paid around this time, lead shops to open their stores for longer and increase their stock intake as a means to

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White-Collar Crime an Impending Threat to SA Businesses

17 December 2015

Costing South Africa an estimated R930m a year, commercial and white-collar crime is on the rise in South Africa – especially among senior to top management. Just recently, a business was forced to close its doors after its finance clerk stole over R1 million, thereby impacting its productivity and turnover, and ultimately the entrepreneur, as well as the staff’s livelihood. Gillian Wolman,

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Collapsing Rand Plays Havoc on Insured Values

16 December 2015

The South African rand recently traded at its worst levels since 2012. As a consequence the devaluing Rand is also currently playing havoc with clients insured values and risk exposures. With the Rand collapsing against all major currencies, one needs to consider how best to handle this issue going forward. The Rand is one of several currencies to hit new lows against

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Pot Luck for the Awesome South African Man Who’s Fixing our Potholes

15 December 2015

We all complain about them and regularly have to swerve to avoid them. They can be hugely frustrating and most certainly cause serious damage to our cars. One man though, in Hartbeespoort, Lymen Mlambo, has taken it upon himself to start fixing potholes in roads near Hartbeespoort Dam without being asked. And his efforts have been warmly and gladly received, with several

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    Well-known entrepreneur, Elon Musk, last month announced the…

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