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RBS prides itself on being an information provider and distributer. Our newsroom is the window to our expertise and the trends within the insurance, broking and risk industry. Keep an eye on this portal for current news on the organisation, its people and world around us.

Beware of Phishing!

24 June 2014

A lot of us have heard this term ‘Phishing’. It’s mentioned on our Internet banking sites, in the media and even around the dinner table. We have all received those heart skipping text messages. Cybercriminals attempt to obtain personal information such as passwords, usernames, identity numbers, and financial information, by impersonating a trustworthy organisation. The cybercriminals can use various forms of media

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Don’t Get Taken for a Ride at the Scene of an Accident

23 June 2014

Its no secret that many people have had awful experiences with tow truck drivers and the storage yards they take our cars to. Often using below the belt tactics to trick you into letting them tow your vehicle and then hold them at high ransom until you pay up, is all too common in South Africa. A regular ploy is to lie

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Is 4×4 Cover for Real?

22 June 2014

Off-roading in Africa is an amazing experience. It is the raw, untamed territory that makes it so worthwhile but it’s also this that can make it a nightmare. In this article we look at a few considerations you need to make when choosing your 4×4 cover. For most 4×4 owners, the standard comprehensive 4×4 insurance will do just what they need and

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Citadel Wealth Management and RBS Joint Venture

21 June 2014

As a unique value add to current and future clients, RBS and Citadel Wealth Management have joined forces to provide comprehensive and tailored wealth and risk management solutions specially designed for today’s high net worth client. Citadel Wealth Management strives to provide clients with a comprehensive range of wealth management services, while RBS protects the assets of its high net worth clients.

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Hassen Adam’s Nadeson Investments acquires 25.1% stake in RBS

18 June 2014

Nadeson Investments (Pty) Limited, which is led by Hassen Adams, Chairman of Grand Parade Investments – the parent company of Burger King SA – has acquired a 25.1% stake in Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), one of South Africa’s largest independent insurance and risk specialists, for an undisclosed amount. RBS currently has over 5000 corporate and commercial clients on its books, as well

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Current SA Business Environment Fraught with Potential Liabilities

12 June 2014

Every day, directors of companies are required to make decisions on behalf of the organisation that they represent. Each of these decisions carry with them significant responsibilities and can potentially cause financial or reputational harm to a business and its stakeholders. Simon Colman, Litigations Risk Executive at RBS, points to an example earlier this year which saw an Executive Director of a listed

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Protecting For Rising Strikes and Riots Risk

1 June 2014

The rising occurrence of riots and strikes in South Africa highlights the growing need for local business to protect themselves financially from the possible risks associated with strikes. “Given the challenges in the marketplace due to industrial action, workplace disruption and protests, strikes and riots need to become a permanent part of a business’ risk management plan,” says Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS)

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How Companies Can Protect Themselves from Litigation

13 May 2014

Every day, directors of companies make decisions on behalf of the organisations that they represent. These decisions carry with them significant responsibilities and can potentially cause financial or reputational harm to a business. Simon Colman is a litigations risk executive at RBS. He draws on an incident this year, which saw an executive director of a listed south african company become publicly

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Need to rent a car? RBS Car Hire will sort you out!

25 April 2014

Whether it’s a family holiday, business trip or corporate event, we have cars that will meet your requirements. Our simple, straightforward system ensures you receive the car you want, when you need it. PLUS: All-inclusive rates mean you don’t have to worry about hidden costs! Additional options include baby chairs, tours and transfers, navigation systems and cellular phone rentals.

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Erratic SA Weather Calls for Effective Business Risk Planning

4 April 2014

The city of Johannesburg came to a standstill as a result of the heavy rain experienced in the region at the beginning of March, more than double the usual average for the month in less than two weeks. According to John Kerby, Corporate Account Directors at RBS, these erratic weather patterns highlight the need for businesses across the country to implement stringent

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Impact of Flood Damages on Business and Consumers

13 March 2014

The South African Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the rest of the week in certain parts of the country. This as camps at the Kruger National Park’s remain closed due to continuing floods in the area. Consumers have been hit hard due to damage on property. To take this discussion further CNBC Africa is joined by by Christelle Fourie,

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Businesses Can’t Blame Eskom Anymore

8 March 2014

Because it is now a known fact that SA’s national electricity grid is unstable, businesses will struggle to lay the blame on Eskom, should a law suit originate from a power failure, warned Simon Colman, litigations risks executive at RBS. He said Thursday’s electricity outages significantly affected businesses across the country.

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