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Who we are

In 1988 Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS) started out as a small proprietorship. A little over 20 years on – it’s now one of the largest fully fledged financial services advisory firms in southern Africa. Our services cover a broad spectrum of needs including Insurance Broking, Risk Management, Corporate Risk Advisors, Employee Benefit Administrators and Consultants, and Health and Wealth management.

Culture & Values

Our culture is characterised by a strong desire for innovation and problem solving with a flair for entrepreneurship. It’s an inspiring ethos that forms the heartbeat of our business and keeps us firmly on track. But our hard-working attitude aside, we make sure it’s only the work we take seriously - never ourselves.

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Strong leaders make for a stong company and we have an experienced management team in place to drive us into the future. RBS is led by CEO, and founding member, Michael Petersen - whose entrepreneurial skills have guided the company from a small start-up to a significant player in the financial services industry.

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Risk Benefit Solutions, better known as RBS, was founded by a small but ambitious group of entrepreneurs in 1998. A year later, after making its first acquisition, the staff numbered 26. RBS has since evolved into one of the largest independent financial services companies in South Africa, employing over 210 people.

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We believe that transformation is key to the success of any company and in turn, South Africa. Given that Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is one such instrument of change, we support the Financial Services Sector Charter’s transformation objectives and are officially recognised as a Level 4 BEE contributor.

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Corporate Social Investment

Business is not just about innovative products and service excellence. It’s also about being mindful of those in need who live in the communities in which we operate. At RBS we take our priveleged role in broader society seriously and are whole-heartedly committed to a number of key social responsibility practices.

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Going Green

The future is no longer just a business term, it is a key priority for the world at large. As active members of society, we believe that organisations like ourselves have a responsibility to nurture a thriving planet and do what we can to contribute towards a healthy and productive community.

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An ideal RBS candidate is someone who not only has the top credentials, but someone who shares our company values. Because when it comes to realising our vision of becoming the most admired financial services firm in South Africa, it’s the hearts and drive of our people who will get us there – not just their degrees.

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As part of our day-to-day operations we come across a lot of interesting industry-related information. And because we believe that knowledge leads to informed choices, we enjoy sharing our key findings with you. So keep an eye on this space for up-to-date news about our organisation, our people and the world around us.

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