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our values underpin our every action and interaction

Culture & Values

Our culture is characterised by a strong desire for innovation and problem solving with a flair for entrepreneurship. It’s an inspiring ethos that forms the heartbeat of our business and keeps us firmly on track. But our hard-working attitude aside, we make sure it’s only the work we take seriously – never ourselves.


Our values form the DNA of our company culture. They underpin our every action and interaction – from the way we answer the phone to the way we work together as a team. Because they’re so important, we’ve created an easy-to-remember acronym: RUBICS.

Real Relationships
  • I cultivate mutually beneficial relationships
  • I seek to understand
  • I listen attentively
  • I seek and provide constructive feedback
Unconditional Integrity
  • I am truthful with tact
  • I hold myself and others accountable to the company policies and values
  • I keep my promises and commitments
  • I am consistent
Be Passionate
  • I am proud of my role in a professional company within a noble industry
  • I am engaged and enthusiastic
  • I am committed to providing exceptional service to clients
It's About the Team
  • I actively participate to achieve team success
  • I communicate effectively
  • I offer and ask for help
  • I encourage, motivate and support my colleagues
Can Do Attitude
  • I am pro-active
  • I am solution-focused
  • I take accountability for my circle of influence
  • I look for opportunities to exceed expectations
Smart Thinking
  • I use past experience combined with team strength
  • I am continuously improving
  • I do it right first time
  • I am ahead of the game