Off-roading in Africa is an amazing experience. It is the raw, untamed territory that makes it so worthwhile but it’s also this that can make it a nightmare. In this article we look at a few considerations you need to make when choosing your 4×4 cover.

For most 4×4 owners, the standard comprehensive 4×4 insurance will do just what they need and offer the right level of cover. But its when you are venturing beyond the borders of South Africa that you will want to make sure you have the right international 4×4 cover. You want a policy with terms like ‘repatriation’, ‘medical evacuation’ and ‘territorial limits’. Its imperative that you know exactly what your cover offers so that in the event of a calamity, you know you are covered.

The need for insurance can differ quite considerably while out in the bush in another country. Take for example someone driving a Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE. A beautifully manufactured car, fitted with all the luxuries and electronics that make 4×4’ing a true indulgence. What happens though if the electronics fault? Or the motherboard, that runs that car, fries in the heat? You are going to wish you were in a 1976 Land Rover, with a wind up crank! Unless you are an auto electrician with a knack for computer hardware, you and your party will need to be towed back to safety. Are you insured for mechanical/electronic failure though? Now would be a good time to know this! It’s important to note if your insurer offers repatriation due to mechanical/electronic failure. Some insurers will state that there is no claim and thus will not cover the costs of repatriation, accommodation and repair.  This particular portion of cover is exceptionally useful with the more sophisticated 4×4’s out there, especially where the supply of parts is difficult to come by outside of the country.

Another situation: A couple are enjoying the last few days of their holiday in Mozambique and as a final adventure, go on a specially designed 4×4 trail. Unfortunately on the way back, the car rolls and both occupants are seriously injured. It’s at this point that the medical care and repatriation aspects of your international 4×4 policy kicks in. Most international 4×4 policies will cover medical expenses and repatriation but the import point is to note the value that they attach to these benefits. You could find yourself in real trouble if the medical expenses exceed the limit of your policy. Make sure you understand exactly what is covered and for how much and also note what kind of cover is in place for your family or travel party. Find out if they are covered only if they are inside the vehicle or both inside and outside the vehicle at the time of the accident.

At RBS, we provide the best possible 4×4 cover available and our specialists will be able to advise you accurately and cost effectively on exactly what you need.