We all complain about them and regularly have to swerve to avoid them. They can be hugely frustrating and most certainly cause serious damage to our cars. One man though, in Hartbeespoort, Lymen Mlambo, has taken it upon himself to start fixing potholes in roads near Hartbeespoort Dam without being asked. And his efforts have been warmly and gladly received, with several people on Facebook offering their help and assistance.

The gentleman buys his own cement and fixes the potholes without being asked. He relies on donations from the local community to keep up with the work and whatever is left, he keeps as his salary. After a local woman heard about Lymen, she posted the story on Facebook, appealing to anyone who wanted to contribute. Within a week, the story had been shared over 7,600 times, with people offering financial contributions, further help and most of all, gratitude. The general consensus between the online communities was that he was actively seeing out self-employment rather than expecting hand-outs, which was completely refreshing.

A bank account has been setup to raise fund for Lymen’s project and the response has been overwhelming. Not only has he received enough money to continue with his work but he has also received free access to training, workman’s clothing and tools.