Western Cape Storm Warning

The South African Weather Service has advised the Disaster Risk Management Centre of the following severe weather warning:
An intense cold front is expected to affect the Western and Northern Cape on Wednesday, 7 June 2017 and Thursday, 8 June 2017.

Heavy Rain
Heavy rain (50mm of rain in a 24hr period) is possible over the western parts of the Western Cape Wednesday. The highest rainfall is expected particularly over the western mountainous areas. Further showers are expected in the west overnight into Thursday, which is expected to add to the rainfall that would have fallen on Wednesday.

The passage of the cold front over the Western Cape will lead to significant drop in freezing levels. This may lead to snowfalls over high-lying regions of the western half of the Western Cape and the southern high ground of the Northern Cape. Snowfalls are possible already during Wednesday afternoon/evening, but majority of snowfalls expected during Thursday. Chances of some disruption caused as a result of these snowfalls.

Gale force winds
The intense cold front at the surface will cause gale force winds (65-90km/h) along the south-western coast on Wednesday, spreading to southern coastline on Thursday. Gale force winds can also be expected over the southern interior of the Northern Cape and most of the Western Cape interior where winds could be reaching 65-80km/h.

Very High Seas
The effects of the weather system are also to be seen in the sea state, with high to very high seas with wave heights greater than 6-8m expected south of Alexander Bay from Wednesday afternoon and reaching 9-12m between Lamberts Bay and Cape Agulhas, spreading along the south coast by Thursday. These waves will also have high energy with the long wave period which will very likely cause storm surges and damage to the coastal regions all along the west and south-west coast. To a lesser degree the south coast due to the orientation of the bays and the westerly to south-westerly swell and wind conditions.

The weather warning issued indicates heavy rain leading to flooding, gale force coastal and interior winds, snowfalls, storm surge and high sea conditions.
It is requested that all City Services and applicable external agencies be placed on high alert to deal with the consequences of the severe weather that Cape Town will experience over the next few days.
Recreation and Parks can be expected to deal with uprooted trees, Electricity Department likewise will be called upon to deal with power disruptions and collapsed power lines. TCT Planning and Infrastructure can be expected to deal with flooded roadways. Special attention should be given to areas where there are denuded mountain slopes.
Should many people be displaced as a consequence of the flooding and have to leave their homes, then Recreation and Parks will be called upon to provide emergency sheltering using the various community halls.

Residents can reduce their flood risk by implementing the following tips:
  • Make sure that drainage pipes on your property are not blocked.
  • Make sure that the stormwater gutters around your property is free from debris.
  • Check for dead or burnt trees that have the potential of falling onto your property and causing damage.
  • Place sandbags where necessary to protect critical areas.
  • Check the terms of your insurance policy with regard to flood and mud damage.
  • In informal settlements – raise you floor level of your house to be higher than the land outside.
  • Listen to weather warnings that are issued by the South African Weather Service.
Contact Emergency Numbers:
  • 107 – normal Telkom line or
  • 021 480 7700 from a mobile
  • report flooding to 0860 103 089

Issued by: Disaster Risk Management Centre / Goodwood Fire Station