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Disability Insurance

The consequences of being incapacitated and therefore not being able to work for extended periods of time can be quite catastrophic for families. While your employer may cover you for a short period of time, you’d be on your own thereafter. If you are self-employed then the position becomes even more onerous, and you would simply not be able to provide for yourself and your family, and the ramifications could be disastrous.


A personal or company Income Protection Policy that will pay 75% of your salary if incapacitated through to retirement (if permanent) is the perfect solution to this risk exposure.

Support should you be disabled.
In the event of an injury or illness that prevents you from earning an income, RBS Disability cover provides you with the means to continue providing for yourself and your family.

We settle your debts.
In the event that you should fall ill or become injured while being in debt, we have a number of policies in place that will help you settle these liabilities. Freeing you to focus on your recovery

Lifestyle changes
Sometimes disability presents certain lifestyle changes, RBS cover makes allowances for any of these eventualities.

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