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Life Insurance

Thinking about death is never pleasant, but you owe it to your heirs to have a plan in place. RBS offers advice and the implementation of life assurance solutions from a variety of leading suppliers. We pride ourselves in partnering with only the best of the best – to give you nothing but the best.


Life insurance policies have been developed to provide the beneficiaries with a lump-sum payment at the untimely death of the insured, or by replacing lost income and covering expenses.

By taking out risk cover with RBS Health and Wealth, you can trust that we will take the lead when unexpected things happen to ensure you are provided with a financial safety net so that you can continue to provide for your family. We have arrangements with most of the major life assurance companies that enables us to offer comparative quotations to suit your needs and budget. This will stand you in good stead while you and your family deal with life’s unexpected events.

At RBS Health and Wealth we have set out to eliminate these kinds of pitfalls by providing advice that is sound, and by providing informed assessments. We provide you the correct amount of risk cover to suit your age, income, lifestyle and family composition.

The cover can also include future needs that you may not even be aware of, including death, disability, dread disease, and income protection.

For business owners we specialize in cover for the following:

  • Key-Person
  • Buy-Sell
  • Contingent  Liability

We can also facilitate the drawing up of the necessary agreements.

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