Reducing the impact of car accidents

The festive season is notorious for a high frequency of car accidents. Many of us think that our insurance only kicks in after our pranged car goes to the repair shop. But actually, many insurers these days are there for you 24/7 the moment that terrible metal-crunching sound hits your ears. Be this as it may, it’s still helpful knowing how to stay calm and collected.

Minor car accidents

Call your insurer immediately to notify them of the accident and to get an approved towing service (don’t succumb to help from any tow truck that just rocks up).

Mum’s the word so don’t admit guilt or offer a payment, your insurer will take care of this.

Share full details with the other driver, i.e. full name, phone number, ID number, car registration number, make and model.

Expect a call back from your insurer once you’re off the road to get details of the accident and start the claims process (or call them back).

Report the accident at your nearest police station within 24 hours and get a case number for your claim.

Serious car accidents

Take a deep breath to calm down for a minute and keep talking to yourself reassuringly if needs be.

Immediately check for injured persons in your, or the other driver’s car. If there are, do not move them unless they are in harm’s way.

Call the ambulance or your insurer’s emergency assist service for help and briefly describe the injuries incurred.

Happy travels from RBS and remember to drive safe, drive smart and drive sharp!