Risk Insurance

RBS provides a comprehensive approach to wealth protection

By taking out risk cover with RBS, you can trust that we will take the lead when unforeseen events happen to ensure you are provided with a financial safety. We look at all aspects of wealth protection including, life insurance, income protection, capital disability and sever illness.

RBS offers advice and the implementation of wealth protection solutions from a variety of leading suppliers. We have arrangements with most of the major life assurance companies that enables us to offer comparative quotations to suit your needs and budget.

RBS offers flexibility backed by an experience administration team. This will stand you in good stead while you and your family deal with life’s unexpected events.

Disability Insurance

The consequences of being incapacitated and therefore not being able to work for extended periods of time can be quite catastrophic for families. While your employer may cover you for a short period of time, you’d be on your own thereafter. If you are self-employed then the position becomes even more onerous, and you would simply not be able to provide for yourself and your family, and the ramifications could be disastrous.