Financial Services

RBS is a proudly independent brokerage and is one of South Africa’s leading financial advice providers with a national footprint.


You could spend a lifetime building your wealth around your family’s needs. But when the unexpected happens – be it an illness, serious injury or death – it can derail your plans. A comprehensive life insurance policy can provide much needed cover for you and your loved ones when needed most.


Planning for the future is essential wether your needs are short term in the case of saving for a overseas holiday or Long term like savings for your retirement or your childerens eduction. RBS have the ability to facilitate local and offershore invesments wether it be for an indivual or instatutional investors. Let the team at RBS guide you on the path to achieving your financial aspirations. We will help you choose the correct investment vehicle for your specific needs.


The South African medical aid industry is a complex one with numerous choices, characterised by a wide range of different plans choices and acceliary benefits. For this reason, it makes sense for individuals and businesses to use the services of an experienced medical aid advisor.The services of good independent medical aid brokers are invaluable.


Estate Planning is vital to ensuring genarational wealth and mitigating a clients tax liability before and after death. The purpose of developing an estate planning strategy is to minimize the tax liability and other related expenses that are incurred by a late estate.


Many of employee’s have benefits through thier employer. But often don’t understand or appreciate these benefits because they can be complex. Yet, they help you save for retirement and protect you and your loved ones from possible financial disaster when unexpected life events happen, such as death, disability.