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RBS is a leading independent national insurance broker specialising in understanding business and personal risk and addressing both through expertise, focus on service and value.

Litigation Risk Services

This highly specialised division focuses on managing and transferring the risks of litigation. Our professional team will identify – and mitigate – your company’s exposure to a range of legal actions. lnsurance solutions are tailored to your business to give you greater control of the unexpected costs and damages associated with litigation.

Engineering & Construction

In the engineering and built environment no project is without risk. . Miscommunication, misinterpretation or even a minor miscalculation can cause costly delays, injury or even worse – death. That’s why it’s critical that your team, your business and yourself are correctly covered for every eventuality. Our specialist team all come from the industry and have a deep understanding of this sector and clients challenges


At RBS Marine, we specialise in providing well-structured marine insurance solutions that take your exact circumstances and needs into consideration. We provide cover for imports, exports, inland transit, stock throughput, commercial hull, marine liability and all classes of luxury yachts and small craft. And while the complex world of marine insurance can feel overwhelming – our experienced and friendly advisors will make sure that your cover won’t leave you high and dry, without paying more than is absolutely necessary.