Complaints procedure

RBS is fully committed to:
Settling any complaint in terms of the FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) Act in a fair and transparent manner
Ensuring easy access for all our clients to the complaints resolution procedures

RBS appreciate the effort clients take in bringing problems to our attention

RBS will analyse complaints to enable us to take measures in eradicating areas of risk and poor service and to avoid recurrence of similar problems.

RBS will prioritise complaints to ensure speedy resolution and will ensure that sufficient manpower and resources are available for resolution of complaints.

RBS will ensure that the internal complaints resolution procedure makes provision for delegation of responsibilities and mandates to facilitate resolution of routine complaints.

RBS will ensure that there is provision to prevent escalation of serious complaints.
The FAIS Ombud’s role

The FAIS Ombud wants to avoid replicating the rigid processes employed by courts in resolving disputes. The idea is to get to the truth of the matter without insisting on the formality of a court process. However, a determination made by the Ombud will be deemed to be a court judgment

Once a complaint is accepted as legitimate by the Ombud’s office, he will levy a case fee of R1 000 on the Financial Service Provider (RBS)

The client will not pay to take a complaint to the Ombud unless it is vexatious or frivolous, in which case the Ombud may impose a penalty.

Complaints Procedure

The following are the procedures to be followed by Risk Benefit Solutions in the handling of all complaints received.

We view complaints as a serious issue and all interactions with a complainant, be they our existing clients or third parties, are to be conducted with the highest possible level of courtesy and professionalism.

Lodge Complaint in Writing with RBS

Wherever possible complete the Risk Benefit Solutions Client Complaint Form (Annexure “A”) . if however your written complaint addresses all the question asked you may not need to complete this form. The form will be supplied to you on request.

Email RBS:

Time Limits

The FSP must acknowledge receipt of the complaint within three weeks if it cannot be resolved in that period

The FSP must resolve the complaint within 6 weeks

If after 6 weeks the complaint has not been resolved or not resolved to the client’s satisfaction the client may approach the Ombud

The client must approach the Ombud within 6 months after the 6 week FSP resolution period.

Availability of the FAIS Act

The FAIS Ombud

For queries or complaints related to the FAIS Act, please feel free to contact:

P O Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge 0040 | Tel: +27 12 470 9080 | Fax: +27 12 348 3447 | Email: | Website:
The Short term Insurance Ombudsman

For queries or complaints related to the Short-term Insurance, please feel free to contact:

The Short term Insurance Ombudsman

Tel: +27 11 726-8900 | Fax: +2711 726-5501 | Sharecall: 0860 726 890 | Email: