The Implications of being Uninsured

As much as we all enjoy December holidays, the period sees an increase in both crime and vehicle accidents. Insurance is one of the first expenses that get trimmed in a sluggish economy, which is actually counterproductive. Here we look at a few situations that will leave you feeling grateful for having insurance.

Here are three things that are scarier than your insurance premium.

You get into a fender bender.
Any kind of accident is more likely to happen during the festive season with more people travelling and an increase in temporary population. The harsh reality is that, without car insurance, you could find yourself in even more financial trouble than if you had taken the small financial knock in the first place. If the accident is your fault, you are liable to pay for the damage to both your car and the other driver’s. You could forgo payments to minor damage to your car, but if the accident is more serious – you could be in a very difficult situation.

You’re away for the weekend and your house gets broken into
There is always a spike in crime during the festive season whilst most people are away with family and friends. Criminals know this and will take advantage of the situation. If you are properly insured, the insurance company will pay and all you have to worry about are those sentimental possessions that are irreplaceable. If you, however, are not insured – you could be looking a bill of tens of thousands of Rands.

You are at a shopping centre and your handbag gets snatched
We have seen an increase in mall robberies in both smaller towns and big cities in South Africa. What we often don’t realise, is how much we actually keep in a handbag or a laptop bag. Of course, we know there is a purse and perhaps a cell phone but what about the diamond bracelet that you were about to drop off at the jeweller to get polished? Or tablet that you normally keep at home but you needed it today for whatever reason?

Paying an insurance premium can be a little boring and sometimes felt better spent elsewhere, but if you are correctly insured we can virtually guarantee you that when the time comes, you will be thankful your cover is in place.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]