Things To Do Before Going On Vacation

Before You Go…

It’s the eve of your departure — the day before you leave for that long-overdue vacation you’ve been dreaming of for months. But before you embark on your trip, there are some important steps for you to take.

Here are 17 items to cross off your to-do list before you head out.

  1. If travelling by car, ensure you’ve checked tyres, that your spare is in working condition, and you have jumper cables packed.
  2. Pay off your bills before you leave
  3. Update your calendar and create an automatic email response
  4. Put your mail on hold
  5. Unplug your electronics at home
  6. Make a checklist of items to bring
  7. Fully charge your electronics and bring your chargers / adapters
  8. Clean your fridge before you leave
  9. Check the weather before you arrive
  10. Secure outdoor furniture
  11. Turn off water supply
  12. Avoid sharing holiday plans on social media as this could create opportunities for break-ins.
  13. Leave a spare set of keys with a close friend or trusted neighbor in case of emergencies.
  14. Notify your armed response company
  15. Turn off your geysers
  16. Ask someone to collect your mail so that it does not appear that you are away
  17. Make sure your electricity is topped up (if pay as you go)

And of course…

It goes without saying that you should make sure you have comprehensive insurance in place for your vehicle and home, and that you clearly understand what’s covered and what’s excluded in the event of a claim.