Demystifying Business Insurance

Owning a business in today’s economy can be tough, not to mention risky. However, this doesn’t stop millions of entrepreneurs from chasing their dreams and building successful businesses along the way. Whether you’re the proud owner of a large corporation or own a successful small business, investing in reliable business insurance is an absolute must for when life happens. Remember, it never rains but pours, so always be prepared for life’s worst-case scenarios in business.

When searching for the right business insurance coverage, always keep the following 5 important risk products in mind:

  1. Theft
    Some of us want what we legally can’t own, which is when theft becomes an option. Criminals have a tendency to scout a property before forcibly gaining entry; especially during the upcoming holiday season. This leaves your business premise vulnerable to wandering hands. If, in the unfortunate event of your business becoming the next victim of theft, your business contents will be protected against loss or damage.
  2. Goods in transit
    Out of sight, out of mind? Not if your goods are covered by a policy provided by RBS Insurance Brokers. Goods in transit make for an easy target, but don’t let that stop you. By investing in adequate business insurance, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected against damage or stolen goods whilst on the road; keeping your assets intact even when you’re not around.
  3. Fire
    Whilst having to comply with SANS 10400: Part T: The Fire Act as a business, you’ll also need adequate insurance protection in case of equipment, building, and stock damage caused by fire. Being a forceful invader when you least expect it, it’s highly important for every business owner to consider fire protection when purchasing business insurance.
  4. Personal accident cover
    Accidents do happen, on and off the clock, and the last thing you want is having to pay for it out of your own pocket. In fact, you want to avoid costly medical fees and lawyers compensation by ensuring that your business insurance covers personal accidents by employees; keeping those who help build your organisation in tip-top condition at all times.
  5. Money
    Times are tough, not only for those running a business but for employees and clients alike. In fact, some may even want to get their hands on some of your money kept on the premises or on route to the bank, which is where having reliable business insurance comes in handy. Protecting your money against loss or theft is crucial to the survival of your business, and putting the right precautions in place to do so will keep you in business for many years still to come.

Remember, life never goes according to plan, and sometimes you’re left with a few surprises along the way. At RBS, our goal is to turn unexpected, unfortunate surprises into manageable outcomes by providing reliable business insurance coverage to business owners and entrepreneurs alike.