The Signature Approach to High-Net-Worth Insurance: Beyond the Call Centre

According to a report by Statista, South Africa is home to 37,800 high-net-worth individuals, who currently hold over 40% of the total private wealth in the country. Their unique lifestyles define this affluent market and demand exceptional coverage, where traditional approaches often fall short. This is where Signature Insurance comes in.

A game-changer in the industry, Signature redefines how high-net-worth individuals safeguard their assets and lifestyle. With a philosophy centred on bespoke solutions and unwavering dedication, Signature offers a one-of-a-kind experience tailored exclusively to the discerning needs of our clientele.

No Call Centres, No Forms:

High-net-worth individuals lead busy lives, and navigating through call centres and tedious paperwork is a hassle they can do without. Signature recognises this, streamlining the insurance process by eliminating call centres and paperwork through our “no call centres, no forms” approach. This innovative approach saves valuable time and eliminates the administrative hassle often associated with insurance.

One-to-One Service Model:

With Signature’, clients have direct access to a dedicated broker who becomes their primary point of contact. This one-to-one service model ensures that clients receive individual attention and tailored advice, catering to their unique circumstances and preferences.

Comprehensive Coverage Options:

One of the hallmarks of Signature Insurance is our comprehensive coverage options, designed to meet the diverse needs of high-net-worth individuals. Whether safeguarding luxury cars, artwork, prestigious homes, or valuable possessions, Signature offers bespoke solutions that provide peace of mind in every aspect of life.

Take, for example, the Assets Out benefit—a standout feature that exemplifies Signature’s commitment to innovation and client-centricity. Unlike traditional All Risks cover, the Assets Out benefit provides blanket coverage for personal items taken outside the home, up to 10% of the insured contents, with a standard limit of R250,000 that can be increased to suit your needs.   This streamlined approach eliminates the need to individually insure each item, offering convenience without compromising protection.

Testimonials and Case Studies:

The effectiveness of Signature’s personalised service can be best understood through the experiences of its clients:

“Outstanding personal insurance services from RBS! Their attention to detail and tailored solutions have significantly improved my coverage and savings.” – Prof. Elizabeth, University Professor

“The professionalism and insight RBS offered for my personal insurance needs was outstanding. Truly a value-driven experience.” – Architect Lubanzi, Design Studio Owner

Signature stands out as a beacon of personalised service, efficiency, and comprehensive coverage in high-net-worth insurance. By discarding the call centre and paperwork paradigm, Signature has successfully redefined the insurance experience for those who seek a higher standard. Signature Insurance goes beyond the expected, ensuring your exceptional lifestyle is safeguarded with outstanding coverage.

About Signature:

At Signature, we go all in when it comes to our clients. High Net Worth insurance should be about saving time while offering the best solutions based on your specific needs. The Signature is unique to RBS and underwritten by Hollard. It combines the best offerings in the market into one unique solution focusing on one-to-one services and value for high-net-worth and professional individuals. It’s designed to offer you all the cover you need without the admin and a team of people to be there to service your needs. No call centres, no forms. Be one of a select group and not one of the thousands.