Why High-Net-Worth Individuals Choose Signature for Their Insurance Needs

According to the Henley & Partners Africa Wealth Report for 2022, South Africa is the country hosting the largest number of  millionaires on the continent, constituting over 50% of all high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) in Africa. The report projects a 38% growth in the high-net-worth sector across Africa over the next decade. Despite this growth, South Africa’s high-net-worth sector faces several unique risks, including:

  1. Security Threats: High-net-worth individuals are susceptible to targeted criminal activities, including home invasions, robbery, and kidnappings.
  2. Property and Asset Protection: Owning valuable assets, including real estate and luxury items, exposes high-net-worth individuals to theft, vandalism, or property damage.
  3. Political and Geopolitical Risks: The political climate in South Africa can impact the economic landscape and pose risks for high-net-worth individuals. Changes in government policies, geopolitical tensions, and international relations may influence investment strategies and wealth preservation.
How Signature compares to traditional insurance offerings

When comparing traditional insurance offerings with Signature, it becomes evident that generic policies often fall short of meeting the intricate needs of high-net-worth clients. Signature recognises the exceptional requirements of its clientele and addresses them with tailor-made solutions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. In a market saturated with standard offerings, Signature stands out by providing bespoke insurance products that cater specifically to the challenges faced by high-net-worth individuals.

Strategic Partnership with Hollard

The collaboration between Signature and Hollard underscores Signature’s dedication to excellence. Hollard, renowned for its strong financial stability and customer-centric policies, aligns seamlessly with the expectations of high-net-worth clients. This strategic partnership enhances Signature’s credibility and reinforces its position as a reliable provider of high-quality insurance products. This formidable collaboration ensures that HNWI can be confident that its assets are protected.

Hollard adds, “We love finding and supporting like-minded partners who help us create a win-win-win. We want to win. And we want to see our partners win in their world. And together, we make sure that the people we insure win, too. That’s what excites us. That’s what builds lasting relationships.”

Comprehensive Offerings

One of Signature’s distinguishing features is its ability to consolidate various insurance offerings into a unified, streamlined solution. From property and art insurance to personalised coverage for luxury vehicles and personal liability, Signature ensures holistic protection for every aspect of a high-net-worth individual’s life. This comprehensive approach simplifies the insurance process, delivering unparalleled value and convenience.


The true measure of Signature’s success lies in the satisfaction of its clients:

After acquiring several vintage cars, I was concerned about finding affordable comprehensive coverage. RBS Signature’s tailored policy insured my collection under one policy, reducing costs and ensuring protection. The flexibility and savings have been significant.” – Michael, Camps Bay, Cape Town

Struggling to find insurance for my high-end electronics, traditional options were inadequate or expensive. RBS Signature’s custom package covered all my needs affordably, protecting my investments. Finally, insurance that matches my value and lifestyle”. – Thandani, Fourways Johannesburg

Having expensive sporting equipment like my mountain and road bikes, I needed coverage that was flexible and comprehensive. RBS Signature’s asset out cover was perfect, allowing me to take all my gear anywhere without declaring specifics, knowing everything is covered. This peace of mind is invaluable.” – Rebecca, East London

In a market where stakes are high, Signature has emerged as the preferred choice for high-net-worth individuals seeking customised insurance solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, a formidable partnership with Hollard, and a comprehensive suite of offerings, Signature redefines the insurance experience for the elite, offering a level of protection and peace of mind that transcends the ordinary.

About Signature:

At Signature, we go all in when it comes to our clients. High Net Worth insurance should be about saving time while offering the best solutions based on your specific needs. Signature is unique to RBS and underwritten by Hollard. It combines the best offerings in the market into one unique solution focusing on one-to-one services and value for high-net-worth and professional individuals.

It’s designed to offer you all the cover you need without the admin and a team of people to be there to service your needs. No call centres, no forms. Be one of a select group and not one of the thousands.