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Financial Services

RBS has a partnership agreement with Hollard, with exclusive rights managing the Branch in a box (retail stores) in the Western Cape. These retail stores carry the Hollard branding and Hollard products are sold exclusively through this branch network. In addition to our own Branch network we also facilitate the management of the Boxer and Pick n Pay “kiosks” Funeral and life products are the primary products sold through this network together with “Hollard Money” which are unsecured loans offered to our clients. We cater for both Businesses and private individuals.

Life Insurance

You could spend a lifetime building your wealth around your family’s needs. But when the unexpected happens – be it an illness, serious injury or death – it can derail your plans. A comprehensive life insurance policy can provide much needed cover for you and your loved ones when needed most.

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Health Insurance

The South African medical aid industry is a complex one with numerous choices, characterised by a potentially bewildering range of different options for consumers. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense for individuals and businesses to use the services of a trustworthy medical aid broker.

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Gap Cover

Often times you will find yourself having to contribute additional funds for the shortfall between what your medical aid covers, and what your health practitioner charges. Our Gap Cover policy will provide you with the necessary means to bridge this gap.

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Disability Insurance

The consequences of being incapacitated and therefore not being able to work could be catastrophic. A personal or company Income Protection Policy that will pay 75% of your salary if incapacitated through to retirement (if permanent) is the perfect solution to this risk exposure.

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Retirement Planning

To ensure peace-of-mind, you should save enough to provide an income of 70% of your salary at the date of retirement. At RBS we have the tools and the knowledge to assist you in that never ending question of ‘How much will I have at retirement and how long will it last me?”

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is integral to a family’s financial wellbeing. It bridges the gap between where you are to where you want to be – and how you’d like your heirs to be cared for once you’ve passed on.

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Investment Planning

Planning for your future is the smart thing to do. Smarter still is talking to us about how you can make the money you’re putting away each month – work as hard as you do.

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