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The South African medical aid industry is a complex one with numerous choices, characterised by a potentially bewildering range of different options for consumers. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense for individuals and businesses to use the services of a trustworthy medical aid broker.


The services of good independent medical aid brokers are invaluable. We at RBS Health and Wealth are contracted to two of the top medical aids and are well versed in the intricate details of the multiple options. We conduct in-depth risk analyses and health assessments for each client in order to weigh up the most appropriate plans based on a client’s budget and specific requirements.

Sadly there is a plethora of illnesses out there and few can be predicted. The medical aid schemes that we offer can provide basic hospital cover to a comprehensive medical aid.

Cover for dentists and optometrists.

A trip to the dentist or optometrist is both essential and expensive. RBS offers Medical Aid that will help you get the care you need.

Hospitalisation cover.

Hospital fees can be exorbitant and it’s frightening how quickly they can escalate. Your recovery plan should focus on your physical well-being, not your financial one.

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